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Accord International

Accord International Advocates and Legal Consultants is a Dubai-based law firm with a practice which is international in scope. The firm Accord International is a law firm built upon innovation of legal thought, unsurpassed client service, and uncompromising principles.

With a team of multilingual lawyers and reputable associate law firms in New York, Canada, Egypt, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa and the United Kingdom, Accord possesses the expertise and experience to manage international transactions and contentious matters involving multijurisdictional issues in several legal systems around the world.

In the UAE, the firm's lawyers have rights of audience and have argued cases before the UAE courts, the ICC International Court of Arbitration, the DIFC Courts and the Dubai International Arbitration Centre.

Accord International was our most aggressive client in the early development stage of Legebra product. Lot of enhancement is brought into the product to cater to its need. Document management, Inline edit, E-mail tagging, Time and task managements are some of the compelling features.

Abdul Noor Al Rais Group

ANRG with 15 years of strong foot step in United Arab Emirates is currently one of the UAE's premier business group trusted for intelligent, integrated housing solutions.

The ANRG Group is one of the UAE's most respected and successful businesses. Today it operates in the UAE and international markets as well. It employs hundreds of highly-qualified, experienced professionals. Just as the name of the UAE has become synonymous with trade and enterprise all over the world, the name of the ANRG has become synonymous with dynamic growth, evidenced by its commitment to develop and grow businesses in multiple sectors. ANRG group has transitioned from its traditional role as one of UAE leading, leasing and building management specialists to incorporate real estate development, using our experience with end-users to develop mixed-use and residential projects designed to achieve a harmonious work/life balance.

ANRG was in need of simple but powerful document management solution. Through Legebra this requirement is fulfilled by integrating Legebra with Internationally accredited document management system Alfresco. A secure client is written in order to simplify the document management process. But a powerful underlying system is incorporated to the solution without bringing the complexity to the end user.

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